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Located in Western Pennsylvania became a legal organization in 1904. The course was originally designed as a nine hole course, but was expanded in 1974 to eighteen holes of championship golf. The course is a traditional layout, which features tree lined fairways, and fast bent grass greens. It is a very challenging course featuring rolling hills and undulating greens that require a variety of golf shots through each of its eighteen holes. The championship tees measure over 6,600 yards while the regular tees measure an average of 6,200 yards. The course has over 40 bunkers and three water hazards. The clubhouse is a beautiful setting for your wedding reception, banquet, or golf outing. The clubhouse at the Punxsutawney Country Club offers a full service golf shop, grille room, and banquet facilities for seating up to 200 people. We hope that you consider the Punxsutawney Country Club for your next round of golf, tournament, or party. Please contact us for more information

Board Members


Rick Fairman

Vice President

Frank Fairman Jr.


Meredith Moore


Ben Levi


Charlie Dobson


Chuck Ishman


Bob Harmon


Frank Fairman


Katie Laska
Bill Hartzfield
Chase Carulli

Want to become a member?

Stop in the pro shop for an application or download it here

Unlimited golf 7 days a week
Full use of clubhouse
Access to dining room and grille room
No food or beverage minimum
4-hour golf rounds
No initiation fee
Fully stocked pro shop
Eligible for all club tournaments

Notes About Memberships

Semi-Annual dues are due by January 31st. the second payment is due by June 30th. A 5% penalty will be assessed for payments received after March 1st and July 1st.

Cart usage fees are due January 31st with other golfing dues. They can be paid annually or semi-annually.

Dues for Out of Town, Social, Junior, Special Juniors and associate members are annual without provision for Semi-Annual or Monthly payments.

Please note if you elect the monthly payment option, you will not receive a monthly statement.

2023 Dues







Adult 35-40


Adult Under 35




Women Under 40


Family Sponsored


Adult Sponsored


Adult 35-40 Sponsored


Adult Under 35 Sponsored


Non Resident Sponsored




Non Resident


Junior (13-17)


Special Junior (18-22)


Golf Team


Social - Single


Social - Married







Split Gas


Split Electric


- Course Rules -

The following rules and regulations have been adopted by the board of directors in an effort to create conditions, which will serve the best interest of every member. Remember that strict adherence to the rules and etiquette of golf will preserve and insure the integrity of the game. Also, some new rules have been added of revised to maintain the beauty and life of our new clubhouse. We hope you will become familiar with the following rules and guidelines to help continue our efforts to make the Punxsutawney Country Club a great place to enjoy. Thank you for your cooperation.


USGA Rules Of Golf will govern all play. Members who violate these rules including Handicap procedures, will be notified and could be suspended from tournament eligibility for the remainder of the year. We ask that these rules be abided by to help keep our tournaments fun and competitive throughout the year.

All golfers must sign in at the Pro Shop prior to play. Each golfer will enter their scorecard after every round. Violators will be automatically assigned a par round (72). Partial rounds (9 or more holes), should be declared upon signing in and the score for such rounds will be adjusted accordingly. To insure accurate handicaps and continued golfing enjoyment, the Professional staff will strictly enforce this procedure.

An established USGA Handicap is required for entry into all handicap tournaments. A minimum of five rounds must be recorded to be eligible for tournament play.Regulation golf equipment is required while on the course.

Proper attire is required while on the course: Tee shirts, halter-tops, tank tops, athletic shorts, cut offs, and tights are unacceptable. Collared shirts with sleeves and mid-thigh or longer shorts are acceptable. Ladies may wear a sleeveless collared shirt or a collarless shirt with sleeves as long as it is not a Tee shirt. Blue Jeans are optional but not recommended. Soft Spikes or flat sole shoes are to be worn on the course. Violators will be denied play.

All golfers must start at #1 tee unless otherwise designated by the Professional staff. No one is permitted to tee off on #10 tee after 1:00 pm on Tuesday. Slow players should not retard play and will act as follows:
  • Players looking for lost balls should allow others to play through them.
  • They should signal to the players following them to pass, and having given the signal, they should not continue their play until the passing players are out of range.
  • Do not hit into players ahead of you until they are out of range.
Following good, common sense golf etiquette should help to keep our course safe.

Foursomes do not have the right of way if they are holding up the course while the course is open in front of them. Twosomes and threesomes do not have the right of way at any time. Fivesomes and sixsomes are permitted subject to the discretion of the Professional staff.

No singles or twosomes may tee off between 9:00 and 11:00 AM on Saturday or Sunday without the permission of the Professional staff.


Each player is required to see that all divots are replaced. Avoid divot taking practice swings on the tees. Sand traps are to be raked and smoothed out when disturbed. Repair all ball marks on the greens. Please fix yours as well as someone else's if visible. (It is a fact that all freshly repaired ball mark will heal in 24 hours where as a non-repaired ball mark will take two weeks to reclaim itself.) Repeat violators are subject to suspension.

Absolutely no one under the age of 16 will be allowed to operate a golf cart on the premises under any circumstances. Cart owner will be subject to suspension.

Carts should stay on the cart paths as often as possible. Please park next to the tee boxes and not on them (please stay on paths). Please obey all cart signs.

All carts should disperse themselves where there are no cart paths. Please avoid "Cart Pathing" (repeated cart usage over the same area of grass.).

Please do not park or drive carts within 30 feet of golf greens. Carts cannot be driven on side slopes or on any area that will endanger the occupant(s).

Carts must stay on the cart path on all Par 3's.

Dispose of trash in the cans provided. Please try to pick up any visible litter on the course if possible.



Guests are limited to a total of 2 rounds per year if they live within the Punxsutawney Area School District regardless of the member who invites them to play.

Guest unaccompanied by a member must make special arrangements with the Professional staff and pay the appropriate fees.

Members are responsible for their guests' conduct and attire. Monday golf is open to the public and guest restrictions do not apply that day only.


Must be age 16 up to and including, 22 years old, and a full-time College student, as well as a Dependant. They have the same golfing privileges as adult members, and are eligible to play in all Club sanctioned tournaments.


Junior and Intermediate Members are not allowed access to the Clubhouse locker rooms unless accompanied by an adult. They may not store clubs in parent's locker. They may use rest room facilities in the Clubhouse entrance hallway. Parents and adult members are responsible for the conduct and compliance to the rules and regulations of Intermediate and Junior members. Social members may enjoy full privileges to the Clubhouse facilities and are welcome to all Club sponsored Functions. They have the right to play golf 2 times each year and will be assessed the prevailing green fees.


Ages 18 – 22. Playing time is limited




until 3:00 PM


until 12:00 PM and after 5:00 PM




until 12:00 PM and after 4:00 PM


after 1:00 PM


after 1:00 PM


after 1:00 PM


Ages 13 – 17. Playing time is limited




until 12:00 PM


until 12:00 PM and after 5:00 PM


until 12:00 PM and after 5:00 PM


until 2:00 PM


after 2:00 PM


after 2:00 PM


after 2:00 PM


Absolutely no profanity in the Grill Room (Bar) and Dining Room area.Dining Room is tobacco free.

Only Board Members and employees are allowed in the kitchen, behind the bar, and behind the Pro Shop counter.

Club policy shall be to not serve alcoholic beverages to anyone who is or appears to be intoxicated. This policy applies to guests as well as members.

Minors are permitted in the Grill Room (Bar) only when supervised by an adult / parent. No minors are permitted to sit at the Bar at any time.

Parents are responsible for their children's conduct when using the Clubhouse.

Dining guests who reside in the Punxsutawney Area School District may dine at the Club 2 times each year regardless of the member who invites them.

Proper attire will be strictly enforced by the Club Manager. Collared shirts are required in the Dining Room. No blue jeans will be permitted in the Dining Room or Grill Room Friday night.

Absolutely no carts allowed on the Clubhouse deck or the concrete area located at the front entrance of the Clubhouse.

No cars may park on the concrete area in front of the Clubhouse.

No hats may be worn in the Dining Room or Grill Room (Bar).

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